Alaska Child Passenger Safety Coalition

Training and Education

Click here to link to the National Child Passenger Safety Certification site for course registration and Certified Education Unit (CEU) information.

To find a course:
  - once you have linked to the National Child Passenger Safety Certification site,
  - click on "Find a Course" on the right hand side of the screen.
  - Once the "Course Form" appears enter "Alaska" and click "submit".
  - A list of available classes will appear. Follow instructions to apply for a class.

1. Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification Course
This nationally standardized certification course was developed for NHTSA by the National CPS Board and Safe Kids Worldwide to “provide the basic technical skills and knowledge of the correct use and installation of child restraints (CRs) and seat belts that are necessary to conduct CPS inspections and community education.”* The curriculum is based on three steps: “Learn, Practice, Explain.” Candidates who successfully complete this 3 or 4-day program of classroom and hands-on work with CRs and motor vehicles then demonstrate their skills at a community CPS check-up event. The resulting certification as a Child Passenger Safety Technician is nationally recognized and valid for 2 years.

*National CPS Certification Training Program instructor manual

2. CPS Technician Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Opportunities
CPS certification expires after two years. Technicians and Instructors are required to successfully complete the recertification process before current certification expires.
Here is what you need to do to recertify:
  • Meet these requirements and record the activities in your online profile:
  • Pay the recertification fee. The recertification fee is $55 for technicians and instructor candidates and $60 for instructors. A detailed fee table is available on this website under Resources-FAQs/Fees. Check your online profile if you are not sure when your certification expires.
You must complete all recertification requirements, including paying the recertification fee, on or before the expiration date of your current certification.

3. CPS Community Education Programs
These 2 to 4-hour educational offerings are customized to the target audience, which may be comprised of parents, childcare providers, health educators, EMS and medical personnel, or law enforcement personnel. Critical CPS issues will be introduced, including:

  • Overview of motor vehicle injuries in Alaska
  • Education of children and caregivers
  • Federal and State CPS laws
  • Correct selection and installation of child restraints
  • National, State, and local CPS resources
  • Hands-on CR installation practice
Upon completion, participants in Community Education Programs will have a basic understanding of child restraints. Participants will not be certified as CPS technicians or serve as technical resources.

4. Special Needs Training
For technicians who are current in their certification. "Safe Travel for All Children" is designed to serve as an enrichment course for child passenger safety technicians who are interested in learning more about special needs transportation. The training, which lasts approximately a day and a half, combines classroom lectures and discussions with hands-on exercises. During the training, participants will be introduced to medical conditions that can impact restraint selection and have the opportunity to investigate and install specialized restraint systems. The training concludes with a proficiency exam that evaluates the student's ability to assess appropriate restraints and to demonstrate proper use and installation.

Training Information Contact:

Sara Penisten Turcic, RN, BSNS, CPSTI
Safe Kids ALASKA State Coalition Coordinator
Providence Alaska Medical Center
ph. (907) 212-3194 fax (907) 212-4962